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Raise your salt-rimmed glasses and meet the new Mexican.

Margo’s is a never-ending exploration of tastes, sights and smells. As bold, colourful and unique as we are, our guests come to celebrate life’s everyday moments and indulge in a tasting experience like no other.

We’re here to serve food that draws inspiration from the many delicious flavours of Mexico, so good it simply couldn’t come from anywhere else.

Our Mission

Here at Margo’s we’re anything but your typical Mexican restaurant. Our team of chefs bring together their collective experience & cuisines from all over the world, with the result being vibrant soul food that we’re proud to say is distinctly ours.

If you’re looking for a taste adventure like no other, just ask your server about our “Secret Menu”. Put your trust in our chefs and let them guide you out of your comfort zone.

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